Fundraiser Toolkit

We've pulled together some quick tips & tricks to help your fundraising efforts.

How to P.A.S.S. the test

Communications tips  

Fundraising ideas


How To PASS The Test


Make it Personal

There's a reason you've chosen to raise money for a specific cause that's important to you.
Make sure others understand your connection, passion and commitment to the cause.
When you create your page, tell your own story and add a personal photo to bring it to life - 
and include how you're hoping to make a difference through your fundraiser.

Ask - and then ask again
You've built your fundraising page, you've shared your personal and compelling story and now,
the only way to get a donation is to ASK. Email your friends and family with a clear call-to-action:
"Please donate today" - and explain why you're asking for them to join you as a supporter.

Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your story. Utilize hashtags and
tagging. Encourage friends to share your post. Include a visual element, a call-to-action and a
direct link to your fundraising page to make it as easy as possible.

Show appreciation!
Send a thank you note and/or email to every single donor throughout your fundraising campaign.



Communications Tips

Points to address

  • Why should they care?
  • What do you want them to do?
  • Why is it important to you?
  • How will their participation/donation make a difference?


Short & Sweet

  • Keep it concise to help ensure your message will be read


No need to be formal

  • It's okay to be casual when communicating with friends and family
  • Refrain from using medical jargon
  • Make it relatable


Social Media
Points to address

  • Include #ProvidenceCares on all posts to share your progress with the Providence community
  • Incorporate popular hashtags associated with your cause to broaden your reach (e.g. #CancerSurvivor)
  • Create your own hashtag for your supporters to use


@Tag, @Tweet, @Mention

  • Tag friends, family and influencers in your posts to help spread the word
  • Publicly thank and tag friends and family for donations made


Call-to-action (CTA)

  • Be specific in your requests, including a clear CTA in every post
  • When requesting donations, include an easy link direct to your donation page


Thank You
Be personal

  • Address donors by name
  • Thank them for their specific participation or donation amount
  • Mailing a hand-written thank you is a bonus!


Be quick

  • Don't delay in expressing your gratitude


Tell everyone

  • Post public thank you messages
  • Tag the person you are thanking so their friends & family can see what they've done
  • Include donation links on thank you posts to give people the opportunity to jump on the band wagon


Before, during & after

  • Explain what type of impact people can have if they make a donation
  • Thank people for their donation and remind them of the difference they're making
  • Follow-up at the close of your fundraiser to let people know what everyone accomplished together



Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising options are endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started. Regardless of how you choose to raise money,
remember to have fun! Every dollar counts and your participation is greatly appreciated.

Special Occasion
Turn your special occasion into a fundraiser! In lieu of presents, ask friends and family to donate to your fundraiser. 

  • Birthday gifts
  • Wedding gifts
  • Anniversary gifts

Corporate Bingo!

  • Employees donate to receive a bingo card full of corporate lingo
  • Choose a meeting or a day at the office and challenge one another - and offer little prizes as giveaways (e.g. coffee card or free denim day)

Monthly Challenge

  • Employees (or departments) compete every month to see who can raise the most funds
  • Winners receive corporate benefits like wearing jeans to work on Fridays, getting an extra vacation day, free lunch, etc

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  • Set a fundraising goal
  • If the goal is reached, a willing participant will shave their beard, mustache or head
  • Better yet, someone with long hair chops it off to donate to Locks of Love.  Win-win!

Athletic Event
Personal Challenge

  • Set an athletic goal for yourself (e.g. run 1000 miles over the course of a year or complete a triathlon)
  • Post regular updates on your progress and ask friends and family to donate along the way while raising awareness for your cause

Virtual Walk/Run Event

  • Get friends and family from all over the world involved in your virtual event
  • Choose a date and time where everyone can participate from their local area
  • All involved can create teams and raise money under your single event
  • Everyone can post photos from wherever they are around the world

Bogey Benefit

  • Schedule an entire golf tournament, or get a foursome together
  • Have each player get friends and family to commit to donating a set amount (e.g. $1.00) for every shot
  • The worst round of golf raises the most money!

Get Creative
Neighborhood Smoothie Stand

  • Our healthy version of the lemonade stand

Wine Not?

  • Host a wine tasting event (21 & over only, of course!)
  • Every attendee brings a bottle of wine, an appetizer and provides a monetary donation as their entry fee

Foodie Fundraiser

  • Commit to trying a new food and/or experiencing a new restaurant every week
  • Post photos and share stories about all of your new experiences
  • Request donations and raise awareness for your cause along the way